Frequently Asked Questions – click on any question to see the answer

What types of student veterans will be participating?

Student Veteran Career Conferences (physical or virtual) are open to  currently enrolled or recently graduated (within last 12 months) student veterans and military students (Active Duty, ROTC, Guard or Reserve).

What information is being collected from students at registration?

Students are asked to provide the following information when registering for physical or virtual events:

  • Basics: name, school mailing address, permanent mailing address, email, phone number, college/university name, degree program, anticipated graduation date
  • A current resume
  • Service, branch and grade/rank
  • Indicate whether they are seeking an internship or job
  • LinkedIn profile URL
  • Open to relocate (yes/no) and, if yes, to which region(s) (check from list)
  • Self-identify if they meet one of the “protected veteran” categories for federal contract compliance tracking (optional, but we are strongly recommending they answer the question)

When and where are the physical events being held?

2017 is our first year, so we are conducting physical events in 2 of the 7 regions we have selected.  In 2018 we will conduct 7 regional physical events.

The 2 regions for 2017 are:

Region 5 (Aug 29-30, 2017) for students attending schools in Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana,  Missouri,  Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas. The event will be held in Dallas, TX.

Region 2 (Sep 11-12, 2017) for students in Delaware, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, DC, and West Virginia. The event will be held in Arlington, VA / metro Washington, DC.

Do students receive any kind of travel stipend to attend the physical career fairs?

Student veterans who are part of an established Student Veterans of America chapter can have the chapter apply for a Chapter Grant. The chapter can then, at its discretion, use an awarded grant to issue travel stipends to student veterans who need assistance covering plane/train/mileage costs, lodging, meals and other miscellaneous travel expenses.

When are the virtual events occurring and are there options to target students in specific degree programs?

We are hosting 6 virtual events in Fall 2017.  All events run from 5 – 8 pm Eastern.  Dates for late winter (Jan/Feb 2018) events will be announced in late November, 2017.

  • Sep 18: Main event (all degrees welcome)
  • Sep 25: Finance degrees
  • Sep 28: Computer Science degrees
  • Oct 30: Engineering degrees
  • Nov 1: Health care & science degrees
  • Nov 2: Business degrees

How do I register for an event? Is the process different for physical and virtual events?

The links for employers to register for either physical or virtual events are found on the “registration” page.  The registration process is the same for physical and virtual events.  You also have the option to sponsor information sessions at either physical or virtual events and/or add additional staff on the registration page.

What is the cost to participate in a physical or a virtual event?

Pricing is available on the “registration” page.

For physical events, basic registration is for an exhibit booth that includes two staff members.  You also have the option to add on (additional fee):

  • Sponsorship of an information session
  • Sponsorship of a professional photographer
  • Additional staff for your booth

For virtual events, basic registration includes a virtual booth and unlimited staff members.

You also have the option to add on (additional fee) sponsorship of a recorded information session (up to 30 min in length in MP4 format) which we will host on the virtual site and make available to all registered students continuously from Sep 4 – Nov 3.