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What types of student veterans will be participating?

Student Veteran Career Conferences (physical or virtual) are open to  currently enrolled or recently graduated (within last 12 months) student veterans and military students (Active Duty, ROTC, Guard or Reserve) as well as military spouses.

What are the student demographics? Can we see a breakdown of degree fields and participating schools?

Click here to see student demographics, including stats on degree type and field, interest in relocation and internships, etc.

Click here to see the schools which currently have students enrolled in the database.

These details will be updated monthly as the database continues to grow.

We are interested in attending events that have a strong population of a certain type of degree. How do we know which event(s) to select?

The database demographics will continue to evolve in the months leading up to the physical events.  When you register to exhibit at a physical event(s), you do not need to commit to a specific location until we get closer to the Fall.  By early August we will be able to tell you more about the student demographic for each specific location and you can then decide which specific event(s) you plan to attend. Note that you do not see the resumes for specific locations until you commit, unless you have purchased the full resume database option.

If you already know which event location you want, you will have access to those resumes upon committing and any resumes submitted for that location after purchase.

What information is being collected from students at registration?

Students are asked to provide the following information when registering for physical or virtual events:

  • Basics: name, school mailing address, permanent mailing address, email, phone number, college/university name, degree program, anticipated graduation date
  • A current resume
  • Service, branch and grade/rank
  • Active security clearance (yes/no) and, if yes, what level of clearance
  • Indicate whether they are seeking an internship or job
  • LinkedIn profile URL
  • Open to relocate (yes/no) and, if yes, to which region(s) (check from list)
  • Self-identify if they meet one of the “protected veteran” categories for federal contract compliance tracking (optional, but we are strongly recommending they answer the question)

How "fresh" are the resumes? How do we know whether the student has already accepted a job somewhere else?

There is a date stamp for when each student created their profile, so that is one way to determine the “age” of the profile.  However, as with any resume database, it is not possible to tell if the candidate is still on the market.

Veterans historically have experienced under-employment, meaning that even if they have a job, there is a strong chance it is one that is too junior for their skills, and likely does not pay as well as a job that is better in line with their experience. Or, if the student has already accepted an internship with another company, they may come away from that internship deciding the career field or company culture was not a good fit for their goals.  In either case, the student would likely be open to hearing about your opportunities and company.

When and where are the physical events being held?

In 2018 we will conduct 7 regional physical career conferences, all taking place on Saturday’s in September and October.  The event begins with information sessions in the morning followed by the career fair.  The complete schedule can be found on the Career Fairs page.

Do students receive any kind of travel stipend to attend the physical career fairs?

Student veterans who are part of an established Student Veterans of America chapter can have the chapter apply for a Chapter Grant. The chapter can then, at its discretion, use an awarded grant to issue travel stipends to student veterans who need assistance covering plane/train/mileage costs, lodging, meals and other miscellaneous travel expenses.

What option do we have if we are unable to participate in a physical event?

Student Veteran Career Conferences also has a resume database and job board where you can view student profiles and/or post your internships and Early Talent jobs.  Students create profiles all year long, so this is a great stand alone or complimentary solution for employers whether you are:

  • Seeking to market your internship programs during the summer so as to pipeline veterans into internship programs by the fall, or
  • Seeking to hire recent grads or soon-to-be grads for 30-60-90 day openings.

Approximately 33% of our database is recent grad or current year grads.  The other 66% are graduating in 2018 or beyond.  See more database demographics on the Resume Database  page

How do I register for an event? Is the process different for physical events and the resume database?

The link for employers to register for either physical career conferences and/or the resume database is found on the Registration page.  You also have the option to sponsor information sessions that occur the mornings of the physical events.

What is the cost to participate in a physical event or to post jobs/internships or view student profiles?

Pricing is available on the Pricing page.